At Echelon Sports, we promise to maximize the earning potential for each and every one of our clients. We understand that a stable, solid, and well-protected financial future is paramount for the financial health of our athletes and their families. Our commitment is to present our clients with the “Best Possible” scenario during contract negotiations, and developing a “Best Alternative” when necessary. By doing so, we assist athletes in developing the best strategic plan for their respective careers.


We pride ourselves in finding and securing the most lucrative apparel and sponsorship deals for our clients. Whether at the local, national, or international level, our team at Echelon works hard to secure off the field earning opportunities. Our focus is on building our clients’ brand and maximizing their media exposure to position our athletes to obtain the most lucrative marketing and endorsement deals. Our Marketing and Endorsement services includes: 


Professional athletics can be challenging for even the most polished of athletes at times. That’s why our Echelon team reviews our clients’ career positions on a daily basis to manage and amplify their unique on field and off the field talents.

Whether our clients have short careers or Father Time ultimately brings their careers to a close, we at Echelon Sports make certain that our athletes are in a stable position for continued success in life.


Giving back or paying it forward is a must for professional athletes today. Not only is it the right thing to do for the betterment of society as a whole but also an athlete’s participation in community-based events can serve as a catalyst to building new partnerships and creating new networks. Be it in their hometowns or club cities, we work with our athletes to coordinate and facilitate community camps, fund-raising, foundation development, and other charitable endeavors.


Whether an athlete has a 1-year or 10+ year career, having the proper educational foundation positions an athlete to make an educated decision about his future. We assist our clients, and encourage their participation in NFL sponsored programs and other locally identified-resources to help build upon or refine our clients’ academic skillsets.

“Education is our passport to the future”

Malcolm X


The post playing-time transition can often be a difficult time for athletes. Should an athlete find himself or herself struggling in any aspect of life, we at Echelon Sports offer our firm commitment to all of our athletes to identify resources to assist them in making this transition as smooth as possible. At Echelon, we have your back!


Our Social Media Management services include:


To fulfill our commitment to make sure our athletes receive frequent and broad market exposure to highlight their individual skillsets and raise their draft stock positions, we offer the following preparatory services:
  • Combine Drill Testing
    • 40 Yard Dash
    • Short Shuttle
    • L Drill
    • Vertical Jump
    • Broad Jump
    • Bench Press
  • Yoga and Flexibility Training
  • Training Accommodations
    • Housing or Hotel options
  • Performance Therapy
    • Normatec Recovery
    • Hot and Cold Tub Therapy
    • Infrared Sauna
    • Steam Room
    • Laser & Shockwave Therapy
    • Game Ready
    • Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers
    • IV Nutrition Therapy
  • Woderlic Prep
  • Chiropractic Care